Opciones de romance de Cyberpunk y explicación de cómo enamorar a Judy, Panam, River, Kerry y Meredith

Romance en Cyberpunk toma el liderazgo de The Witcher 3 y te permite entablar una relación con varios personajes principales y secundarios.

En Cyberpunk , hay una variedad de diferentes tipos de romances en los que puedes involucrarte, desde aventuras únicas hasta relaciones estables.

Esta página ofrece detalles completos sobre cómo desbloquear todas las opciones románticas en Cyberpunk , cómo funcionan el romance y las relaciones en general, y detalles completos sobre cómo enamorar a Judy , Panam , River , Kerry y Meredith Stout .

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  • Cómo enamorar a Panamá
  • Cómo enamorar a River
  • Cómo enamorar a Kerry
  • Cómo enamorar a Meredith Stout

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Para obtener más ayuda con Cyberpunk , tenemos páginas sobre caminos y atributos de la vida .

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Cómo funciona el romance en Cyberpunk

Hay relaciones y aventuras en las que puedes embarcarte en Cyberpunk , así como aventuras de una noche con juguetes en el mundo abierto.

Before you start Cyberpunk , there are some important things to know upfront:

  • Romance options available to you are influenced by V’s body type and voice tones – male or female – settings which you select at the very start of the game.
  • Life paths do not have an impact on relationships in the game.
  • There are four committed romances available – two for male V, and two for female V – and one fling for either. All romances, aside from the fling, develop in Act 2.
  • Being in a relationship can see that character appear in the ending epilogue.
  • You can only enter into one relationship at a time – though, you’ll only have one or two options available to your V depending on your body type.
  • No, you cannot romance Johnny Silverhand. (Unless, of course, you have certain mods…)

All romance options require starting certain side-missions, and making specific choices within them, and some are harder than others. If you want to romance a character without spoilers, then make sure you connect with those characters, align with their values, and select dialogue options which act positively towards them.

Otherwise, we have full step-by-step explainers for each character throughout the page.

As well as the dialogue and mission-specific encounters, you can also engage in one-night stands with joytoys out in Night City.

For example, we found several in Westbrook’s Japan Town, indicated by a ‘pair of lips’ icon on the mini-map.

Simply approach, select the top-most dialogue option to pay cash, and a cutscene will unfold.

Cyberpunk romance options list

At a glance, here is all romance options available in Cyberpunk :

Male V romance options in Cyberpunk :

  • Panam
  • Kerry

Female V romance options in Cyberpunk :

  • Judy
  • River

Male and female V romance options in Cyberpunk :

  • Meredith Stout (fling)
  • Joytoys

How to romance Judy in Cyberpunk

Requirements: Female body type and voice.

First meet: The Information, Act 1.

Fling or relationship?: Relationship.

To romance Judy in Cyberpunk , you first need to meet a number of requirements. The first is both your body type and voice tone must be feminine. You make this choice when you create your character at the start of the game and, if you select male instead, you’ll be unable to romance Judy.

Secondly, you need to complete the main missions until you reach Transmission. This is seven main missions into Act 2.

Once you’ve completed Transmission, you’ll be able to start the side job chain that will lead to romancing Judy, and within them, you have to make a number of key choices. Choose incorrectly, and you’ll be barred from starting a romance with Judy.

Like most of the side jobs in Cyberpunk , the ones listed above won’t automatically unlock after you’ve completed the previous job. Instead, you’ll have to wait a number of hours for them to appear, which you can do by completing other activities in the game or by using the ‘Skip Time’ option in the main menu.

The Judy side jobs and their choices are as follows – if you want more specific walkthroughs and outcomes for all choices, our dedicated Cyberpunk Judy quests page can help.

Judy romance story choices

  • Both Sides, Now
    • No romance-specific dialogue choices.
  • Ex-Factor
    • When Judy asks for your help, respond with ‘Yeah, I’ll help’.

  • Talkin’ ‘Bout A Revolution
    • During the meeting Judy is holding, respond with ‘You can count on me.’

  • Pisces
    • During the confrontation with the Tiger Claw Gang, respond with ‘Clouds declares its independence’.
    • After the battle, you’ll confront Maiko. There are a range of options here which can progress the romance, but if you agree to Maiko’s plan and then take her money, it will put an end to your chances and also stop Pyramid Song from unlocking.

  • Pyramid Song (available only if you agree to certain choices in Pisces)
    • In the bathroom, select ‘[Touch] It is ours.’.
    • In the morning, select ‘The beginning of something amazing’.

Once you’re finally in a relationship with Judy in Cyberpunk , a number of changes will occur.

The first is that Judy will have a new flirtatious line when you either call her or start a conversation in-person.

There is also a new, but small, conversation tree if you talk to Judy in her flat.

More important, however, you’ll gain full access to her flat, which can be opened by simply pressing on her doorbell. The flat will now include a small locker which allows you to access your weapon stash, which, beforehand, was only accessible in your apartment.

Judy’s flat will also now appear as an additional apartment on the map, making it easier for you to find.

Judy may also appear in the epilogue scene for whichever ending your path through Cyberpunk leads to. The nature of this appearance, however, will depend on which ending you want and whether you decide to call her when you have the chance.

And finally, before you ask, there aren’t any additional sex scenes.

How to romance Panam in Cyberpunk

Requirements: Male body type.

First meet: Ghost Town (Act 2, main story).

Fling or relationship?: Relationship.

To romance Panam in Cyberpunk , there’s a handful of requirements to consider. First, your body type must be male. You make this choice when you create your character at the start of the game.

Secondly, you need to complete the main missions until you reach Ghost Town. This is eight main missions into Act 2.

Once you have completed Ghost Town, you’ll be able to start the side job chain that will lead to Panam’s storyline, which includes a possible romance with her. There’s a number of key choices around dialogues that, if chosen incorrectly, will lock you out from starting a romance with Panam.

Similar to other side jobs in Cyberpunk , they won’t automatically unlock after you’ve completed the previous job (except for Queen of the Highway, which is the only one that asks you to “leave camp and wait for a day”).

We recommend using the ‘Skip Time’ option in the main menu, or just complete other activities and jobs to pass the time. In every case, you will receive a call from Panam – make sure to respond right away and always choose the first option.

The Panam side jobs and their choices are as follows:

Panam romance story choices

  • Ghost Town
    • When Panam mentions spending the night in the motel, respond with ‘Maybe we get just one room?’ followed by ‘Not exactly what I meant’.
    • Agree to help Panam with Nash by choosing ‘OK. So where’s this hideout?’
    • When prompted, agree with her and say that you would have chosen vengeance too.

  • Lighting Breaks
    • At the cliff, respond with ‘Blastin’ shit is just what I needed’.
    • When prompted, respond with ‘Mitch and Scorpion are alive. We’ll find them’ followed by ‘I’ll handle the launcher, you cover me from here’.
    • During the final sequence (after the hostage situation), tell Panam that you’re sorry.
    • After apologising, tell her to tag along instead of staying.

  • Life During Wartime
    • During the first conversation, respond with ‘I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao’.
    • After the task, go for ‘It wasn’t Panam’s fault’, followed by ‘Don’t worry about Saul’ and ‘See you Panam’.

  • Riders on the Storm
    • Respond to the first conversation with ‘We’re chooms, that’s why’.
    • When you’re with the group, don’t be conflictive – respond with ‘How we doin’ this?’, then ‘Do it quiet, sure. Perfect for two’, and ignore the optional dialogue about a character being abducted.
    • When prompted to ride with Panam, say yes.
    • Once in the house, back up Panam at every opportunity, saying that ‘It’s not her fault’.
    • When both of you are alone, carefully choose ‘To habbobs’, ‘And? This any better?’, ‘Pleased with your stay, ma’am?’, ‘You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’am’, and lastly ‘Got a few ideas’.
    • After grabbing the sniper rifle, don’t miss the optional dialogue that says ‘Wait, about last night…’.

  • With a Little Help From My Friends
    • At the beginning, respond with ‘Got no notion of what’s going on’ and then ignore the second dialogue prompt.
    • At the table, respond with ‘I’m in’ and choose to ride with the group.
    • After finding the punch card, respond with ‘What’d you want to talk about?’ followed by ‘Know it’s important to you’.
    • Once Panam mentions feelings, respond with ‘So far so good’, ‘Why’s it different with me?’, and lastly ‘Next time, try following that impulse’.
    • When you’re gathered around the bonfire, respond with ‘Gotten kinda cold’.
    • As you’re parting ways, respond with ‘You need me again, let me know’.

  • Queen of the Highway
    • Inside the basilisk, respond with ‘Nice and cozy in here’, followed by ‘Oh, yeah. Let’s go’.
    • At the bar, respond that you will miss your escapades with Panam. Then, choose ‘I’d love to, but I can’t’, followed by ‘I’ll think it over. I promise’.
    • After telling her about the biochip, respond Saul and Mitch saying ‘I can stay for a bit’.
    • As the final step, once you and Panam are alone respond with ‘Honestly? I dunno’ and ‘Thanks for being here with me’.

How to romance River in Cyberpunk

Requirements: Female body type.

First meet: I Fought The Law side-mission.

Fling or relationship?: Relationship.

River Ward isn’t quite like the other romance options that you can find in Night City. For one, he can be completely missed if you decide to ignore the ‘I Fought The Law’ quest, which isn’t even a main mission. Instead River, and all his goodness, is squirrelled away into a side quest.

To trigger River’s quest, and get started on your way to romance him, you’ll first have to complete the main story quest ‘Life During Wartime’ – a mission that’s about halfway through Act 2. The quest itself isn’t missable, but can easily be ignored if you decide to.

After completing ‘Life During Wartime’, you need to wait for a phone call from a woman named Elizabeth Paralez, a corpo whose husband needs your help in trying to figure out the ‘real’ reason why the past mayor died.

Ignore this mission and you won’t meet River, who shows up almost soon after the meeting with the two Paralez’.

After you finish with the Paralez’, go and meet River at the Chubby Buffalo, which officially kicks off your new partnership for the rest of the quest. There aren’t any specific dialogue choices you need to make, just agree with a lot of what River says, and don’t act ill towards him throughout this quest and you’ll part ways on amicable terms.

Once completing ‘I Fought The Law’ you’ll have to wait for River to call you. This can take up two in-game days, so don’t worry if you haven’t received anything from him just yet. Be patient.

When you do finally receive the call from River, he’ll want you to meet up with him – immediately. Do so and he’ll explain that his nephew, Randy, has been missing for a month and he has an idea on where to find him. But to do so he’ll need someone who isn’t afraid of the law – someone like you.

‘The Hunt’ is an incredibly important mission for those who want to romance River, as his family means a lot to him, so if you mess up in saving Randy, then there’s no way to romance River.

However, if you pay close attention to the braindance sequences throughout ‘The Hunt’, River will come to the conclusion that Randy is being held at Edgewood Farm. If you pick any other location that isn’t Edgewood, Randy will die and the romance will be void. So remember, Edgewood!

At the end of ‘The Hunt’, you’ll have the chance to talk to River about events. There isn’t an option to hit on him, but reassure him (aka, don’t pick the ‘count me out’ option) that you’ll have his back and, once again, you’ll leave on good terms.

Again you’ll need to wait for River to call you and like before, that can take up to two in-game days. Once you do though, you’ll receive the ‘Following The River’ quest – which really is just a chance for River to invite you over to his sister’s for a nice meal. If you want to get flirty already, pick the ‘I missed you too’ option when on call.

Afterwards, head on over and you’ll make some food together, as well as play with the kids in a VR game. To make sure you really make a good impression on River, as well as the kids, let them win at the game. River’s sister, Joss, will call you to dinner then and that’s when things get really interesting as Joss and the kids will tease River about liking V.

Once your meal is finished, River will take you to an abandoned water tower and give you his gun. It’s at this point that he’ll make a move on you, and you can decide whether you want to go all the way with his romance or not. Kiss him twice to confirm the romance, and then you’ll be treated with a sex scene between the two of you.

The morning after you’ll have a chance to talk to River about what happened last night, and where you see it going in the future. If you want to lock in a romance with River, pick the ‘I feel good around you’ option and the two of you will now be in a long-term relationship.

Once you’re finally in a relationship with River, he’ll have a more flirty tone whenever you call him, and you’ll even be able to visit him back at his sister’s house. You’ll also get this very cool shirt, pictured below.

As for endgame, River will also appear in an epilogue scene depending on which path you decided to take for Cyberpunk ending. Though what that epilogue contains will change – depending on your choices.

For help with various Cyberpunk system explainers, we have pages on XP and levelling and money making.

How to romance Kerry in Cyberpunk

Requirements: Male body type and voice.

First meet: Flashback in Act 1, and the Holdin’ On side-mission.

Fling or relationship?: Relationship.

Unlocking Kerry’s romance path is quite involved. Firstly, you will need to have reached Act 3 of Cyberpunk , triggering the quest Nocturne OP55N1. Do not progress with this quest.

Immediately after getting Nocturne OP55N1, you’ll have access to a questline starting with ‘Chippin in’ (which is where you’ll also unlock some of Johnny Silverhand’s items.

Where you’ll have the opportunity to become pals with Silverhand after selecting the dialogue option “The Guy Who Saved My Life” at the end of the quest.

This will in turn trigger a chain of quests revolving around Silverhand. These quests are the following; ‘A Cool Metal Fire’, ‘Blistering Love’, ‘Holdin’ On’ – where you’ll first meet Kerry as V – ‘Second Conflict’ and ‘A Like Supreme’.

After this string of quests, Kerry will call you to undertake the following two quests, which lead to Kerry’s Romance questline. ‘Rebel! Rebel!, and ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear it.’ Like other quests, the next one in the sequence will unlock after a number of hours have passed, make sure to use the skip function, and do a side-activity in the world to trigger them.

Nothing in this questline will affect your ability to enter into a relationship with Kerry, a short while after completion of ‘I Don’t Wanna Hear it’, you’ll be able to unlock a quest named ‘Off The Leash’. This can vary, depending on what happens in the previous quests, but will not affect your ability to flirt with Kerry, and kiss him.

Kerry Romance:

  • Off the Leash story choices:
    • “It’s… simply legendary. That’s all I got to say”.

  • “Glad we got a moment to ourselves”.

  • “You can tell me.”.

  • “[Kiss Kerry] Yes.”.

Afterwards, in order to trigger the next quest; Boat Drinks, you’ll have to complete a few in-game actions like gigs or local NCPD Beatdowns and then wait three days in game. This bit can be a bit finicky, but if you just wait, Kerry will eventually call you. Follow the following choices made in-game.

  • Boat Drinks:
    • “Say no more, on my way” (While accepting the quest).

  • [Kiss] (During the sequence when trashing the boat).

  • [Hug] “Pencil me in.”.

When you arrive, you can simply wait for Kerry, and say hello. Continue the ride, and when Kerry asks for help inside the Yacht, kiss him. After the following scene, swim ashore, and then Kerry will proposition you again. If you accept, you will be entered into a relationship with Kerry.

As far as we can tell, aside from Kerry’s apartment being marked on the map as your own, there are no further new lines of dialogue unlocked, though Kerry may have an appearance in your ending‘s epilogue.

How to romance Meredith Stout in Cyberpunk

Requirements: Male or female body type.

First meet: The Pickup, Act 1 (optional objective – Meet with Militech agent).

Fling or relationship?: Fling.

Romancing Stout is possible with either a male or female V. During Act 1’s The Pickup, you have an optional quest to Meet with a Militech agent. Opt to do this, as it’s here you will meet Stout, who will ambush you.

Agree to work with her, and take the

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