GDC Europe 2014 : “The Art of Killing Games”

I did a presentation at GDC Europe 2014 talking about “The Art of Killing Games”.

Here is the link to the full video on GDC Vault :

I talk about my experience prototyping and designing new games at Wooga. Specifically how weevaluate new game ideas and ultimately decide whether a game is good enough to launch or not.

My Big 3 Takeaways :

  • Never be afraid of stopping a game. Build aculture thatembraces that failure is expected when coming up with new game designs.
  • For F2P to work, you need to develop a prototype as quickly as possible that proves that it can be fun for up to a month. This is really when the “minigames” are separated from the games that actually have a chance to become a long term hit.
  • You can use hard KPI goals during soft launch to quickly evaluate a games potential. You can use this methodto make objective decisions about whether a game has potential to become a hit (rather than endlessly discussing subjective opinions about whether a game is good enough or not)

Hope you enjoy it.

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